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 Demonic's Player Guide

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PostSubject: Demonic's Player Guide   Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:49 pm

Starting the server:
You should get around easy, you will learn the server fast. People can also help you too

Where do i go?
When you log in, you start out somewhere outside, to teleport to places go to the SPELL BOOK
There are teleport spells that take NO RUNES. Read the description of the teleport to get all the details about the area. YOU SHOULD TELEPORT HOME FIRST!!! If you have questions, ask a player.

To train, go to the spell book and find the teleport: TRAIN
This will bring you to ROCK CRABS, which have alot of life but do not attack.
first of all you want to train STR to about 30 then you go into LUNGE which gives exp to all the others.
the server is 1000x rates so it should be easy to train. After lunge train defence or range or mage or anything else.

Making Money!
This is very easy, you can make money by killing bosses; or skilling. The easiest way to make money is to steal from the stalls at HOME. Keep stealing until you can steal from the GEM stall which give 100k per steal. BUT ITS HARD TO GET 80 THIEVING!!! - Use the first stall to level, it gives the most exp. Another way is Pking, be careful though, some people lure. You can pwn teh nubs and steal their stuff.

Based on how much you donate, you will get a better reward. (5$ is minimum donation) You can get Dclaws, Donor label, Donor hideout (with shop) and a special armour.

Make sure you attend most of the events! There are great rewards.

Some Basic rules
No hacking, Harrassing players, begging admins, or duping. The first time is a small jail,
second time is a big jail, third time is a temp ban, 4th time is IP ban Forever.

look at the PRICES, they will help you with your buying and selling

Points (COMING)
Admins will sell players a Non-Usable item that is worth 2B, you can buy as much as you want (THE ADMINS WILL DELETE THE GOLD) An npc will be made that can take that item and convert it to 2b.

Clue Scrolls
Clue scrolls can be found from green dragons, king black dragon or bandos. Clue scrolls show you where to dig, they can give you items not found in shops or monsters.

If you need help go to the QUEST section, there are PLAYER COMMANDS. Click that and see if you learn anything. There will be a tutor soon that explains everything.

Pet Control?
Its too hard to do Pet Control!!! - Bring a group of people (3 level 100+ recommended) 10 points are rewarded per round. Razz


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PostSubject: Re: Demonic's Player Guide   Wed Mar 03, 2010 9:18 am

ehhh demonic... can you make a topic for the clue scroll help becuse I need help whit it and im sure im not the only 1 Wink

Thanks you
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Demonic's Player Guide
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